Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Money down the drain - Binary Options

After a fair amount of research, I have concluded that binary options are an exciting and dangerously addictive method to waste money.  It's possible to get the same outcome by flushing your pounds and dollars down the toilet.

It might be that you can "get good" at predicting the direction of the share price but in the long run the "house always wins" This is especially true if you make mistakes such as entering the wrong figure, accidentally click the wrong button ( up instead of down) or the web system becomes strangely faulty and unresponsive just after placing the prediction. 

Yes its a lot of fun and is actually very addictive as it triggers that bit the brain associated with pleasure each time you win.  It's a form of gambling on the stock market and you don't actually own any shares during the process.

Sometimes its possible to get a winning streak and everything is happy, wonderful and rosey but it doesn't take long for the situation to reverse and all of a sudden those winnings disappear along with even more of the money from your pot.  It's also very easy to keep throwing good money after bad to try and regain the previous losses especially if you get into the mindset of thinking that the following will happen:

Just one more go and maybe I'll make some money. However, in reality its more likely that this happens:

Some options occur over a very short amount of time, maybe just a minute or two.  These are even more exciting than the more normal 15 minute options and provide that instant gratification.  The downside however is that its even quicker to lose money.  One bad prediction can lead to the thought of "maybe this time" and that next one goes wrong as well followed by the next and next.  These options tend to occur on a very small range of the overall share price.  It means that an otherwise small share movement can have a huge effect.  The problem is that a price can look as if it is heading in a certain direction but all of a sudden it swings to the exact opposite and money is lost.

These findings are of course based on my own experiences - I'm not a financial expert - and as such, if asked I wouldn't recommend Binary options as a serious way to make money as winnings disappear as quickly as they come.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Binary Options

Just recently, I've been looking into binary options.

They're derivatives that are based upon the stock market.  They're called binary because they have two possible outcomes - money or no money - and have nothing todo with computer binary numbers.

As with anything based on the stock market, money can disappear very quickly - great care needs to be taken not to click at random, otherwise alot of money can vanish in an instance.  

There are several different versions of binary options and one of the easier to understand is to predict whether an "asset" is going to finish higher or lower than a certain point.  If it does then you get a payout, if not then you don't.

There are all sorts of tools and indicators that can be used to predict the nature of the stock market and it all has it's own lingo - including Candlesticks, Pinocchio, hammers, gravestones, Bollinger bands and Alligators.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Cyber Monday

Remember that Cyber Monday is just an American Shopping fad designed to make you part with well earned cash

Here's a site about staying safe online

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Earn Money With CrowdFlower

Extra Money

I've been looking into earning a bit of money from home and came across

Unlike another tasking site, there's no complex faffing about with different IDs and the grading system of how "good" you are is built into the tasks themselves without having to take special tests or exams.  There also seem to be plenty of tasks to be getting on with.

I've only just started and have made half a US dollar by identifying articles and finding their authors. Some of the sites are a bit on the adult side of things plus you need to make sure your anti-virus is ok and up to date as it sends you on a journey around the web looking at all these articles.

Payment is through paypal

The more tasks and hidden test tasks you do, the higher your grading - it reaches a certain point (don't remember the criteria) when it upgrades you to the next level where it starts paying more for each task.

It's well worth a look.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Fascinating Video about Operating Systems

Here's a video all about operating systems, what they are and what they do.  Everything from protecting the security of the computer to providing access to the available hardware to providing a rich Graphical interface for the user

Wednesday, 19 November 2014